Our standards

Passenger transportation is not our only service – we also focus on the maximum service in details, such as of care for passengers.

Most of our cars provide basic amenities such as:

  • Independent air conditioning or heating
  • TV, DVD and GPS navigation
  • microphone for the guides with the appropriate sound system
  • comfortable and adjustable seats with safety belts
  • ESP and ABS systems, mobile phones for drivers for the connection between driver and non-stop dispatcher
  • trailers for bikes, skis or boats can be connected to the buses or minibuses

We are holders of all necessary licenses and permits for our transportations and business. Our entire fleet is in perfect condition and is regularly serviced at authorized service centers.

Our company also provides additional services – usually on client request we provide buses with snacks, choice from a wide selection of hot and cold drinks. For more demanding clients, we are able to use the services of our partners in catering business and provide hot and cold dishes on the bus.

Furthermore we are able to provide a tour guide (choice of many languages​​), entrance tickets to castles and other services.